X-Men: The Official Game (2006) (VG) Video Game

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(Hollywood) USA

Ratings / Votes
6.9/ 10 (290 Votes)

MPAA Ratings

Production Company
Activision [us]
Amaze Entertainment [us] - (Nintendo DS version)
Beenox [ca] - (PC version)
Hypnos Entertainment [us] - (GameCube version)
Marvel Enterprises [us]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(USA) - 16 May 2006

Running Time

Master the Power of the X-Men

action-hero, action-heroine, african-american, based-on-film, battle, beast, claw, cloud, combat, fictional-war, fight, fighting, fighting-game, flying, hand-to-hand-combat, hero, heroine, lightning, martial-arts, marvel-comics, mixed-martial-arts, mutant, professor, showdown, storm,

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Full Cast

  1. Abrell, Brad as (voice) [Colossus/Additional Voices] <13>
  2. Ashmore, Shawn as (voice) [Iceman] <4>
  3. Baker, Dee Bradley as (voice) (as Dee Baker) [Additional Voices] <20>
  4. Berger, Gregg as (voice) [Beast/Additional VO] <8>
  5. Blum, Steve (IX) as (voice) (as Steven Jay Blum) [Jason Stryker/Additional Voices] <15>
  6. Cumming, Alan as (voice) [Nightcrawler] <3>
  7. Dane, Eric as (voice) [Multiple Man] <6>
  8. Downes, Robin Atkin as (voice) [Sabretooth/Sentinel] <21>
  9. Jackman, Hugh as (voice) [Wolverine] <2>
  10. Mane, Tyler as (voice) [Sabretooth] <5>
  11. Schultz, Dwight as (voice) [Magneto/Additional Voices] <7>
  12. Stanton, Stephen as (voice) [Additional Voices] <19>
  13. Stewart, Patrick (I) as (voice) [Professor Charles Xavier] <1>
  14. Taylor, James Arnold as (voice) [Cyclops/Additional Voices] <14>
  15. Van Wormer, Steve as (voice) (as Steve Van Womer) [Pyro/Additional Voices] <11>
  16. Young, Keone as (voice) [Silver Samurai] <12>
  17. DeLisle, Grey as (voice) [Young Jason Stryker/Additional Voices] <16>
  18. Guest, Kim Mai as (voice) [Shadowcat] <17>
  19. Morgan, Katherine (III) as (voice) [Jean Grey] <18>
  20. Pham, Vyvan as (voice) (as Vyan Pham) [Lady Deathstrike] <7>
  21. Wilson, Debra (I) as (voice) [Storm] <9>


  1. Action
  2. Fantasy
  3. Sci-Fi
  4. Thriller

Movie Certificate

E10+ (USA)(Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS version)


Activision [us] - (2006) (USA) (all media)


  1. Berri, Scott (production coordinator: Activision)
  2. Niederquell, Mike (quality assurance)
  3. Tang, Margaret (voice director)
  4. Vandenberghe, Jason (lead game designer)


Sabretooth: I knew I smelled something rotten. Wolverine: That's probably your breath. Lady Deathstrike: It will take more than that to kill me. [Wolverine cuts off a chandelier and it lands on Deathstrike] Wolverine: Try that on for size, darlin'. Sabretooth: How'd you find me? Wolverine: Maybe if you bathe once in a while, I wouldn't be able to track you so easily. Multiple Man: Sometimes I just can't contain myself. Magneto: And so it ends. Tell your beloved professor, our score is settled. When next we meet X-Men, it will not end in such pleasantries. Pyro: I am the God of Hell-fire!