X-Scape (2011) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
Tapestry Entertainment [us]

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Release Date
(USA) - 10 January 2011

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blood, gay-&-lesbian, homosexual, murder, nudity, pulp-fiction, rape, religious, violence,

Technical Support
RAT:16:9 HD

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Full Cast

  1. Avancena, Giovanni as [Young Mad Dog]
  2. Bazillio, Orin as [Slim]
  3. Buff, Mark as [Old Man Willie]
  4. Campbell, Gregory as [Convict In Prison Yard]
  5. Castro Jr., Ciri as [Fire Fighters]
  6. Cook, Mark (VII) as [Craig]
  7. Etzel, Michael Ryan as [Sammy]
  8. Galloway, Norman as [Slim's Partner in Night Club Fire]
  9. Jones, Terrence (II) as [Fire Fighter]
  10. Laigaie, Jesse as [Tattooed Prisoner]
  11. Matthews, Wes as [Fire Fighters]
  12. Panichelli, Christopher as [Officer Rizzo]
  13. Poe, Justin as [Man On Crutches]
  14. Prado Sr., Robert as [Fire Fighters]
  15. Reed, Randy (III) as [Police Officer]
  16. Russell, Warren (I) as [Interviewing Male Guard]
  17. Showell, Isaiah as [Willie Lee Thompson]
  18. Somerville, Randall as [Officer In Warehouse]
  19. Thompson, Le Jean J. as [Dukky]
  20. Utley, Lee V. as [Delicious Devante]
  21. Vargas, Kyo as [Fire Fighters]
  22. White, Patrick (XXII) as [Mad Dog]
  23. Wilson III, Charles N. as [Dog-Animal]
  24. Wilson, Larry (XI) as [Fire Fighters]
  25. Wooden, J. as [Fire Fighters]
  26. Woods, Calvin R. as [Preacher]
  27. Akapo, Temilola as [Jesus]
  28. Cordy, Celesta as [Camera Woman]
  29. Hargrove, Kourtney as [Girl walking with mother and baby]
  30. Hargrove, Nadia as [Carmen]
  31. Hargrove, Nicole as [Mother walking with baby and girl]
  32. Hargrove, Sophia as [Baby being carried by mother with girl]
  33. Knight, India N. as [Serena]
  34. Kolontarov, Samantha as [Girl Jumping Rope]
  35. Reed, Christine (II) as [Customer in Store]
  36. Reed, Kim (XI) as [Jennifer Patterson]
  37. Rhee, Lil as [Nicole Butler]
  38. Sanchez, Felicia as [Helicopter Pilot]
  39. Thomas, Lisa Y. as [Wanda]
  40. White, Lady B. as [Dog Walking On Street]
  41. Wilson, Belinda M. as [Lady Hanging Laundry]
  42. Wilson, Chanelle E. as [Clerk in Store]
  43. Wilson, Charis M. as [Jillie]
  44. Wilson, Isabella M. as [Dog-Animal]
  45. Wright, Dianne as [Woman In Shower]
  46. Wright, Vera as [Woman Walking Dog]


  1. Action

Full Plot

Seven sociopaths escape from a maximum security prison. Immediately, the carnage begins: thief; rape; murder; and terror. Hiding from helicopters, and running in neighborhood woods, proves that no one is safe from these men! The fugitives elude cops and stalk the innocent as well as the not so innocent. They are tracked by the police, but one officer has a personal reason to kill one of the escapees. Mad Dog, the self appointed leader, terrorizes everyone, including the other fugitives. He foresees each of his rapes, seconds in advance through a distorted reality. He has no conscience and enjoys the pain he inflicts on others. Even celebrities are not out of his deadly reach. This is a fast, action packed, thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat from the time the film begins to the twisted end while an intense, pulsating, rap soundtrack lends to the suspense. Belinda M. Wilson Plot not found


Tapestry Entertainment [us] - (2011) (USA) (all media)

Film Editors

  1. Wilson, Belinda M.

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Burlington, New Jersey, USA
  2. Camden, New Jersey, USA
  3. Marlton, New Jersey, USA