XXII Premios Anuales de la Academia (2008) (TV) TV

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4.6/ 10 (13 Votes)

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Production Company
Academia de las Ciencias y las Artes Cinematográficas de España [es]
Quiroptero Films [es] - (executive production)
Televisión Española (TVE) [es]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(Spain) - 3 February 2008

Running Time


award-ceremony, tv-special,

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Full Cast

  1. Abad, Óscar (II) as [Himself - Nominee: Best New Actor]
  2. Alcaine, José Luis as [Himself - Winner: Best Cinematography]
  3. Alexandre, Manuel as (uncredited) [Himself - Audience Member]
  4. Allen, Woody as (archive footage) [Himself]
  5. Alterio, Ernesto as [Himself - Presenter: Best Actress in a Supporting Role]
  6. Ambit, David as [Himself - Nominee: Best Special Effects]
  7. Amenábar, Alejandro as [Himself - Presenter: Best Picture]
  8. Aramburu, Fernando as [Himself]
  9. Arévalo, Raúl (I) as [Himself - Nominee: Best Actor in a Supporting Role]
  10. Ballesta, Juan José as [Himself - Presenter]
  11. Barroso, Mariano as [Himself - Winner: Best Documentary]
  12. Bayona, Carlos as (uncredited) [Himself - Audience Member]
  13. Bayona, Juan Antonio as [Himself - Winner: Best New Director]
  14. Baños, Roque as [Himself - Winner: Best Original Score]
  15. Botto, Juan Diego as [Himself - Presenter]
  16. Cantu, Ernesto as [Himself]
  17. Castejón, Jesús as (archive footage) [Antonio]
  18. Castells, Lluís as [Himself - Winner: Best Special Effects]
  19. Cayo, Fernando as (archive footage) [Carlos]
  20. Cerezo, Enrique as [Himself - Nominee: Best Picture]
  21. Cervino, José Manuel as [Himself - Winner: Best Actor in a Supporting Role]
  22. Corbacho, José as [Himself - Host] <1>
  23. Coronado, José as [Himself - Presenter]
  24. Cruz, Juan (III) as [Himself]
  25. de Castro, Gonzalo (I) as [Himself - Nominee: Best New Actor]
  26. de Luna, Álvaro as [Himself - Nominee: Best Actor in a Leading Role]
  27. do Carmo, Carlos as [Himself - Winner: Best Original Song]
  28. Etxeandia, Asier as (uncredited) [Himself - Audience Member]
  29. Fernán Gómez, Fernando as (archive footage)
  30. Fernández, Julio (II) as [Himself - Winner: Best Animation Film]
  31. Figueras, Ricard as [Himself - Winner: Best Picture]
  32. Fresneda, Nacho as (archive footage)
  33. G. Sánchez, Sergio as [Himself - Winner: Best Original Screenplay]
  34. Gallart, David as [Himself - Winner: Best Film Editing]
  35. García Pérez, José Luis as (archive footage) [Manolo Caracol/Fran]
  36. Gertrúdix, Andrés as (archive footage) [César]
  37. Gil, Antonio (VI) as (archive footage)
  38. González, Agustín (I) as (archive footage)
  39. Gutiérrez Caba, Emilio as [Himself - Nominee: Best Actor in a Supporting Role]
  40. Guzmán, Daniel (I) as (uncredited) (archive footage) [Himself]
  41. Gómez, Carmelo as (archive footage) [Benjamín Olmo/Coy]
  42. Hipólito, Carlos as (archive footage) [Arenzana]
  43. Hwidar, Abdelatif as [Himself - Winner: Best Short Film - Fiction]
  44. Iglesia, Álex de la as [Himself - Presenter: Best Director]
  45. Iglesias, Alberto (I) as [Himself - Presenter]
  46. Jaenada, Óscar as (uncredited) [Himself - Audience Member]
  47. Jiménez, Alberto (I) as (uncredited) (archive footage) [Ernesto de Villamarín]
  48. Kaniowsky, Carlos as (voice) [Locución]
  49. Landa, Alfredo as [Himself - Winner: Honorary Award/Nominee: Best Lead Actor]
  50. Larrañaga, Carlos as [Himself - Nominee: Best Actor in a Supporting Role]
  51. Larrañaga, Pedro (II) as [Himself - Audience Member]
  52. León de Aranoa, Fernando as [Himself - Winner: Best Documentary]
  53. Lostau, Paul as (archive footage)
  54. Lozano, Manuel (II) as (archive footage) [Julipín]
  55. Margallo, Juan as (uncredited) [Himself - Audience Member]
  56. Martí, David as [Himself - Winner: Best Special Effects]
  57. Martínez Lázaro, Emilio as [Himself - Nominee: Best Director]
  58. Mas, Xavier as [Himself - Winner: Best Sound]
  59. Merlo, Luis as (uncredited) [Himself - Audience Member]
  60. Millán, Santi as [Himself - Presenter]
  61. Molina, César Antonio as [Himself]
  62. Morales, José María (II) as [Himself - Winner: Best Picture]
  63. Mortensen, Viggo as (uncredited) (archive footage) [Himself]
  64. Nieto, Pepón as [Himself - Presenter]
  65. Ochandiano, Rubén as (archive footage) [Alfredo]
  66. Orts, Marc as [Himself - Winner: Best Sound]
  67. Padró, Joaquín as [Himself - Nominee: Best Picture]
  68. Perea, Fran as (archive footage) [Teo]
  69. Pou, Josep Maria as (archive footage) [Ramon]
  70. Príncep, Roger as [Himself - Nominee: Best New Actor]
  71. Querejeta, Elías (I) as [Himself - Nominee: Best Picture]
  72. Ramallo, Fernando as [Himself - Presenter]
  73. Rellán, Miguel as [Himself - Presenter: Honorary Award]
  74. Rosales, Jaime as [Himself - Winner: Best Picture & Best Director]
  75. Sacristán, José (I) as (also archive footage) [Himself - Presenter: Honorary Award]
  76. San Juan, Alberto as [Himself - Winner: Best Actor in a Leading Role]
  77. Santos, Carlos (VII) as (archive footage)
  78. Sauras, Alejo as [Himself - Presenter: Best New Actress]
  79. Sbaraglia, Leonardo as (archive footage) [Martín Circo Martín]
  80. Segura, Santiago (I) as [Himself - Presenter: Best New Director]
  81. Silva, Hugo (III) as [Himself - Presenter]
  82. Soto, Edu as [Himself - Presenter]
  83. Suárez, Gonzalo (I) as [Himself - Nominee: Best Original Screenplay]
  84. Sánchez Arévalo, Daniel as [Himself - Presenter]
  85. Tarragó, Oriol as [Himself - Winner: Best Sound]
  86. Torrijo, José Luis as [Himself - Winner: Best New Actor]
  87. Tous, Paco as (archive footage)
  88. Ugalde, Unax as [Himself - Presenter]
  89. Ulloa, David (I) as [Himself - Nominee: Best New Director]
  90. Ulloa, Tristán as [Himself - Nominee, Best New Director/Best Adapted Screenplay/Best Actor in a Leading Role]
  91. Valdivia, Víctor as (archive footage) [Guille]
  92. Velasco, Manuel (I) as (uncredited) [Himself - Audience Member]
  93. Villagrán, Julián as [Himself - Nominee, Best Actor in Supporting Role]
  94. Villén, Enrique as (archive footage) [Tuerto]
  95. Viscarret, Félix as [Himself - Winner, Best Adapted Screenplay/Nominee, Best New Director]
  96. Viyuela, Pepe as [Himself - Presenter]
  97. Abascal, Silvia (II) as [Herself - Presenter]
  98. Abril, Sílvia as (voice) [Various Characters]
  99. Acosta, Juana as (uncredited) [Herself - Audience Member]
  100. Acosta, Toni as (archive footage)
  101. Adánez, María as (archive footage) [Herself]
  102. Alborch, Carmen as (uncredited) [Herself - Audience Member]
  103. Almarcha, Sonia as (uncredited) [Herself - Audience Member]
  104. Arrieta, Itziar as [Herself - Winner: Best Make-Up and Hairstyles]
  105. Asensi, Neus as [Herself - Presenter]
  106. Bardem, Pilar as (archive footage) (uncredited) [Herself]
  107. Baró, Amparo as (archive footage) [Emilia]
  108. Bazán, María as (uncredited) [Herself - Audience Member]
  109. Blasco, Maite as (uncredited) [Herself - Audience Member]
  110. Bollaín, Icíar as [Herself - Nominee: Best Director & Best Original Screenplay]
  111. Carbonell, Martha as (archive footage) [Sra. Izquierdo]
  112. Carulla, Montserrat as (archive footage) [Benigna]
  113. Chaplin, Geraldine as (archive footage) [Aurora]
  114. Climent, Amparo as (voice) [Locución]
  115. Coixet, Isabel as [Herself - Winner: Best Documentary]
  116. Cordero, Mariana as (archive footage) [Mercedes]
  117. Cruz, Mónica (I) as [Herself - Presenter]
  118. Cruz, Penélope as (archive footage) (uncredited) [Herself]
  119. de Santiago, Nadia as [Herself - Nominee: Best New Actress]
  120. Díez, María José (II) as [Herself - Winner: Best Picture]
  121. Escribano, Ana (II) as (uncredited) [Herself - Audience Member]
  122. Escribano, Cuca as (archive footage)
  123. Espert, Núria as (archive footage) [Rosa]
  124. Etura, Marta as (archive footage) [Virtudes]
  125. Fernández, Ana (I) as [Herself - Presenter]
  126. Gil, Ariadna as (archive footage) (uncredited) [Herself]
  127. Gil, Lucina as [Herself - Winner: Best Short Film - Documentary]
  128. Goenaga, Bárbara as [Herself - Nominee: Best New Actress]
  129. González Sinde, Ángeles as [Herself]
  130. González, Nuria (I) as (archive footage) [Carmen]
  131. Hermida, Sandra as [Herself - Winner: Best Production Supervision]
  132. Lago, Clara (I) as [Herself - Presenter]
  133. Lennie, Bárbara as [Herself - Presenter]
  134. López de Ayala, Pilar as (archive footage) [Blanca]
  135. López, Lola (II) as [Herself - Winner: Best Make-Up and Hairstyles]
  136. Manver, Kiti as (archive footage)
  137. Marsó, Silvia as (uncredited) [Herself - Audience Member]
  138. Marty, Silvia as (archive footage) [Petra]
  139. Martínez, Flora (I) as (archive footage) [Lola]
  140. Martínez, Petra as (uncredited) [Herself - Audience Member]
  141. Maura, Carmen as (archive footage) (uncredited) [Herself]
  142. Mencía, Nuria as (uncredited) [Herself - Audience Member]
  143. Mossum, Lena as [Herself - Winner: Best Costume Design]
  144. Mínguez, Elvira as (archive footage) [Julia]
  145. Nieto, Carla (I) as (uncredited) [Herself - Audience Member]
  146. Nieto, Marta as (uncredited) [Herself - Audience Member]
  147. Nimri, Najwa as [Herself - Presenter]
  148. Pataky, Elsa as [Herself - Presenter]
  149. Penella, Emma as (archive footage)
  150. Pession, Gabriella as (archive footage) [Adelina]
  151. Portillo, Blanca (I) as [Herself - Nominee: Best Actress in a Leading Role]
  152. Poza, Nathalie as (uncredited) [Herself - Audience Member]
  153. Puenzo, Lucía as [Herself - Winner, Best Spanish Language Foreign Film]
  154. Querejeta, Gracia as [Herself - Nominee: Best Director & Best Original Screenplay]
  155. Rayo, Ana as (archive footage) [Pilar]
  156. Ribé, Montse as [Herself - Winner: Best Special Effects]
  157. Ros, Mireia as (uncredited) [Herself - Audience Member]
  158. Rueda, Belén as [Herself - Nominee: Best Actress in a Leading Role]
  159. Suárez, Emma as [Herself - Nominee: Best Actress in a Leading Role]
  160. Sánchez, Verónica (I) as [Herself - Presenter]
  161. Targarona, Mar as [Herself - Nominee: Best Picture]
  162. Toledo, Goya as [Herself - Presenter]
  163. Velasco, Manuela as [Herself - Winner: Best New Actress]
  164. Verbeke, Natalia as [Herself - Presenter]
  165. Verdú, Maribel as [Herself - Winner: Best Actress in a Leading Role]
  166. Villar, Cándida as (archive footage) [Cándida]
  167. Vindel, Lorena as (archive footage) [Evelin]
  168. Vázquez, María (II) as [Herself - Nominee: Best Actress in a Supporting Role]
  169. Évora, Gala as [Herself - Nominee: Best New Actress]


Televisión Española (TVE) [es] - (2008) (Spain) (TV)


  1. Escudero, Tono (financial controller)
  2. Suárez, Sylvia (unit publicist) (uncredited)

Other Titles

  1. XXII premios Goya (2008) (TV) (ENG)
    (Spain) (alternative title)

  2. XXII premios Goya (2008) (TV) (ENG)
    (Spain) (informal title)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Palacio de Congresos Campo de las Naciones, Madrid, Spain