Xiong xiong ai shang ni (2012) Movie

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6.4/ 10 (5 Votes)

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(Taiwan) - 2012

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Full Cast

  1. Chen, Hai-Sheng as [Yark]
  2. Kuo, Dylan as [Peter Lee]
  3. Ting, Chiang as [Grandpa Jhu]
  4. Tou, Chung-Hua as [Mr. Wong]
  5. Wan, Vincent as [Lawyer]
  6. Ko, Chia-yen as [Selena]
  7. Ma, Chin Chin as [Grandma Jhu]
  8. Yao, Gwen as [Mrs. Wong]
  9. Yu, Jo-Ching as [May]


  1. Comedy

Full Plot

Tiring of serving people, Peter, a tour guide, brings Teddy Bears that are considered as families or pets to their owners to travel abroad. On his way to pick up a Teddy Bear, a car accident happens. All 3 Bears are missing. To stall for time and money, Peter tries to compensate customers, grandpa and grandma Ju who treat Teddy Bear as their son, Mrs. Wang who believes by sending beloved bear to a trip will cure Xiao-Mei's incurable disease, Selina who treats Teddy Bear as boyfriend, with mini bears. Xiao-Mei takes advantage of Peter's fear of Yah-Ke, GrandpaJu's son, and manipulates him to accompany Xiao-Mei to find her father. She also makes Grandpa and Grandma Ju persuading Selina who suffers from depression into driving them to the beach where Xiao-Mei's father lives. A group of people, who are bound together because of Teddy Bears, step on an unexpected journey. The Movie Database Plot not found

Music Composers

  1. Hou, Chris


  1. Li, Yi-hsu

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