Yellow Day (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
Providence Film Partners [us]

Production Designer

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Release Date
(USA) - 2013

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Technical Support
CAM:Arri Alexa

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Full Cast

  1. Fuqua, Keone (I) as [Janitor] <10>
  2. Galle Jr., G.P. as [G.P.] <8>
  3. Richey, David as [Pastor McCrummen] <11>
  4. Seeley, Drew as [The Good Man] <1>
  5. Silver, Stu as [Mr. Mandelbaum] <7>
  6. Smith, Akeem as [Whit] <4>
  7. Abdoo, Rose as [Mrs. Mandelbaum] <6>
  8. Boettcher, Ashley as [Little Girl] <3>
  9. Holder, Meagan as [Taylor] <5>
  10. Nowicki, Catherine as [Mrs. Deonelas] <12>
  11. Pilot, Melissa as [Melissa] <9>
  12. Shaw, Lindsey (I) as [Girl in Church] <2>


  1. Comedy
  2. Drama
  3. Family

Full Plot

A year after falling in love then losing contact with a mysterious girl, a young man goes to the one place he thinks he can track her down, a bright and cheery celebration called the Yellow Day. Quickly he finds that at the Yellow Day, not is all as it seems... Yellow Day Plot not found


  1. Arena, Joseph (I)

Dress Designers

  1. Cole, Lawane

Film Editors

  1. Brochu, Don


  1. Babb, Barbara (key set production assistant)
  2. Barton, Georgianne (photo double)
  3. Bassett, Dallin (production coordinator)
  4. Capps, Morgan (photo double)
  5. Casallo, Christian (production assistant)
  6. Cook, Samantha (III) (assistant production office coordinator)
  7. Corlis, Katy (set production assistant)
  8. Galloway, Chas (set production assistant)
  9. Garrett, Pamela (II) (first assistant accountant)
  10. Gros, Johan (production accountant)
  11. Gros, Liana (payroll accountant)
  12. Harris, David (LXXXII) (office production assistant)
  13. Harris, Sharonda (office production assistant)
  14. Harrison, Colleen (locations manager)
  15. Huddleston, Andrew (office production assistant)
  16. Lake, Peter (III) (stand-in)
  17. Lake, Rebeca (I) (stand-in)
  18. Langley, Dixie (I) (office production assistant)
  19. LaRocca, Grace (set production assistant)
  20. McDowell, Ryan (II) (office production assistant)
  21. Morrison, Kate (I) (script supervisor)
  22. Pfizenmaier, Grant (set production assistant)
  23. Saleman, Michael (production attorney)
  24. Scott, Eddie Lee (set medic)
  25. Silver, Stu (script consultant)
  26. Whittaker, Marsha (studio teacher)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Mobile, Alabama, USA