You Are Here (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Gilbert Films [us]

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Full Cast

  1. Almeida, Elving as (uncredited) [Suburbanite]
  2. Amick, Matt as [Suburbanite]
  3. Anyachonkeya, Toochukwu T.C. as [Waiter]
  4. Bogdanovich, Peter as [Judge Harlan Plath]
  5. Bondurant, Chip as [Suburbanite]
  6. Cohen, Jay (VII) as [Veteran Newsman]
  7. Contreras, Antonio (III) as [Balthazar]
  8. Cornwell, Matt as [Stu Laird]
  9. Couch, Audrey Reid as [Teen Girl]
  10. Couch, Grant Christian as (uncredited) [Teen Boy]
  11. Cozort, Christopher as [Bar Patron]
  12. Cromer, Greg as [Kyle Roberts]
  13. Curtis, Steven (II) as [Amish Man]
  14. Davis, Jason (VIII) as [George]
  15. DeVona, Phillip as [Pool player]
  16. Earnest, Steve (I) as [Bar Patron]
  17. Ewart, Jonathan M. as [Stage Hand]
  18. Galifianakis, Zach as
  19. Gates, Jay (II) as [Waiter]
  20. Genevie, Michael as [Minister]
  21. Googe, Jordan as [Patient Father]
  22. Gretsch, Joel as
  23. Huckabee, Ted as [Husband]
  24. Keys, Jerry (II) as [Backhoe driver]
  25. Langenfeld, T. Alloy as [F-150 Driver]
  26. Layden, Dennis as [Man at gas station]
  27. Layden, Michael D. as [Boy at Gas Station]
  28. McPherson, George (I) as [Delivery Guy]
  29. Mechanik, Alex as (uncredited) [Amish Boy]
  30. Mitchell, J. Stephen as (uncredited) [Golfer]
  31. Newton, Corey as [Brennen Reynolds/Field Producer]
  32. Ojito, Ozzy as [Pedestrian]
  33. Paone, Antonino as [Solokian]
  34. Schulze, Paul (I) as [Dave Lonergan]
  35. Seager, Robert as [Suburbanite]
  36. Selby, David as
  37. Shaplin, Paul as [Airport bar patron]
  38. Smith, Blake (XIX) as [Activist]
  39. Tetterton, Thomas Nash as [Teenager on Bike]
  40. Thies, Kevin as [Kid]
  41. Thies, Nick as [Kid]
  42. Tiefenbach, Dov as [Zed]
  43. Tufano, Gabe as [Suburbanite]
  44. Whitnack, Matt as [Restaurant Patron]
  45. Williard, Daniel as [Mourner] <2>
  46. Wilson, Owen (I) as
  47. Yurchak, Michael as [Dale Pollack]
  48. Zevallos, Rolando as [Airport Bar Patron]
  49. Zhao, Charles as [Chinese Golfer]
  50. Abell, Helen as [Molly]
  51. Bondurant, Patricia as [Suburbanite]
  52. Bratcher, Ashley (II) as [Suburbanite]
  53. Brightwell, Tavia as [Suburbanite]
  54. Burch, Samy as (uncredited) [Amish Girl]
  55. Cashion, Kerry as [Car Driver]
  56. Cearley, Carlene as [Hotel Staff]
  57. Cole, Bonnie as [Town Schoolteacher/Farmer's Wife]
  58. Daniel, Christy as [Street Walker/Driver]
  59. De La Garza, Alana as [Victoria Riolobos]
  60. Gethins, Bridget as [Patty]
  61. Hartsell, Jan as (uncredited) [Sarah - Amish Wife]
  62. Hopkins, Tammy as [Store Clerk]
  63. Jackson, Meredith (II) as (uncredited) [Newsroom Employee]
  64. Lapkus, Lauren as [Delia Shepard]
  65. Layden, Cassidy as [Girl at Gas Station]
  66. Layden, Grace as [Suburbanite]
  67. Northrup, Stephanie as [Bonnie]
  68. Pierce, Emily (I) as [Bar Patron]
  69. Poehler, Amy as
  70. Pulley, Kathy Walton as [Town Folk]
  71. Ramsey, Laura as
  72. Rauch, Melissa as
  73. Riddering, Karenlie as [Marta]
  74. Thies, Sue as [Asian Golfer]
  75. Wannamaker, Millie as [Bar Patron]
  76. Wilson, Ebony as (uncredited) [Flight Attendant]


  1. Comedy

Total Business

SD: June 2012 - ?

Music Composers

  1. Carbonara, David


  1. Manley, Chris (I)

Dress Designers

  1. Chuck, Wendy


VVS Films [ca] - (2013) (Canada) (all media)


  1. Barbour, Jess (stand-in)
  2. Bradley, Raven (production assistant)
  3. Bunn, Michael (stand-in)
  4. Byers, Randy (key assistant location manager)
  5. Carroll, Allison V. (office production assistant)
  6. Chandler Hardy, Jennah (stand-in)
  7. Daoussis, Tristan (key assistant location manager)
  8. Davis, Eric Lee (stand-in: Dave)
  9. Dimopoulos, Alexandra (assistant production coordinator)
  10. Feliciano, Luz Kaiolani (production assistant)
  11. Festa, Julia (II) (assistant to producers)
  12. Foulkes, Robert (III) (location manager)
  13. Gonzalez, Dennise (travel coordinator)
  14. Gore, Seth Nicholas (stand-in/photo double: Zach Galifianakis)
  15. Greener, Judd (key p/a)
  16. Hall, Ben (XVI) (office production assistant)
  17. Hoisington, Nicholas (production assistant)
  18. Jennings, Sean (II) (production assistant)
  19. Knowles, Frederick (photo double: Zach Galiafianakis) (as Fred Knowles)
  20. Layden, Grace (stand-in)
  21. Lebeau, Jennie (head set medic)
  22. Malloy, Tierney (I) (stand-in/hhoto double: Laura Ramsey)
  23. Mendonca, Chris (first assistant accountant)
  24. Miller, Bernice (production assistant)
  25. Minor, Peter (location scout)
  26. Penn, Marilyn (post production accountant)
  27. Peterson, Scott (I) (script supervisor)
  28. Rumfelt, Mitch (office production assistant)
  29. Soper, Marc (stand-in/photo double: Owen Wilson)
  30. Sossamon, James C. (assistant location manager)
  31. Steffey, Zachary (I) (stand in/ photo double for: Owen Wilson)
  32. Steffey, Zachary (I) (stand-in/photo double for: Owen Wilson)
  33. Stone, Adam M. (product placement coordinator)
  34. Stone, Cat (product placement coordinator)
  35. Sumtsev, Konstantin V. (accounting clerk)
  36. Surendran, Anita (production counsel)
  37. Tetterton, Thomas Nash (stand-in: Owen Wilson)
  38. Tufano, Gabe (stand-in/double)
  39. Tufano, Gabe (stand-in: Dov Tiefenbach)
  40. White, Brandon (VI) (production assistant)
  41. Williams, Shawn M. (locations scout)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Madison, North Carolina, USA
  2. Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA
  3. North Carolina, USA
  4. Boonville, North Carolina, USA
  5. Greensboro, North Carolina, USA


- 'Bradley Cooper (I)' (qv) and 'Jennifer Aniston' (qv) were originally cast in the lead roles.