You Became I: The War Within (2012) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Release Date
(USA) - 17 March 2012

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If it were illegal to be a Christian would you be convicted?


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Full Cast

  1. Bellotti, Gabriel as [John]
  2. Chavez, Art as [Homeless George]
  3. Coleman, Kemo as [Paul]
  4. Eisenhuth, Samuel as [Whimes LaChange]
  5. Hassinger, Tom as [UWO Guard 3]
  6. Houser, Nathaniel as [Troy]
  7. Koontz, Ben as [Slider]
  8. Kopp, Baden (I) as [UWO Cadet 1/Soldier]
  9. Larthey, Derek as [Jude Stone]
  10. Louder, Curtis as [Godwinz]
  11. Martin, Matthew (XXI) as [Jones]
  12. McCormack, Sean (VII) as [Phillip]
  13. Merkel, Gregory as [Mark]
  14. Nelson, Erik (VII) as [Matthew]
  15. Pekera, Kyle as [UWO Officer 1]
  16. Roebuck, Phillip as [Dr. Boyle]
  17. Romberger, Robert as [UWO Cadet]
  18. Sensenig, Andrew as [District Captain Seren] <1>
  19. Shope, Zachary as [Steven]
  20. Spearmen, Richard as [Grocery Cop/ Gilbert]
  21. Verchick, Brian as [UWO Guard]
  22. Weary, Jeff as [UWO Officer 2]
  23. Wright, Christian (I) as [Thomas]
  24. York, Colin as [Guard 2]
  25. Erdman, Karen as [Reporter]
  26. Erneta, GiGi as [Deb]
  27. Harner, Shawn as [UWO Guard 1]
  28. Houser, Kristen as [Dr. Zen]
  29. Kopp, Aleeta as [Cori Stone]
  30. Leigh, Christy as [Janet Quincy]
  31. McCullough, Engelia as [Grace]
  32. Sheaffer, Morgan as [Jane]
  33. Thornton, Emilie as [Secretary]
  34. Tweitman, Kalinda as [Joy]
  35. Vanhorn, Misty as [Faith]


  1. Drama

Full Plot

In an apocalyptic world, dark forces lead the desperate yet powerful, to clone Christ from the Shroud of Turin; a top secret effort to bring peace. The project is thought to have failed, yet the child survives and rises to power in a new United World Order. Our story picks up after the war is over. Only a few remain resistant to the UWO. Jude Stone, among the best soldier's of the war, finds himself a displaced detective in the New America's Division of the UWO tasked with the elimination of all resistance. Particularly, the Christians blamed for killing his wife in a vengeful attack. Confronted by Christ himself, Jude discovers that he has been fighting for the wrong side and turns his sights on the UWO and the World President himself. Will he succeed in destroying the Collossus the UWO has become before it's too late? Derek Larthey Plot not found

Total Business

BT: USD 10,000

Movie Certificate

Not Rated (USA)


  1. Harner, Bruce

Film Editors

  1. Harner, Bruce

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA