You Don't Say! (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
Sole Productions

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Release Date
(USA) - 6 April 2013

Running Time

A Comedy with a Voice A Comedy With A Voice


Technical Support
RAT:16:9 HD

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Full Cast

  1. Alaniz, Robert (I) as [Security Guard] <27>
  2. Bernard, Jayson as [Mr. Salvador] <29>
  3. Branigan, David (I) as [Eugene Evans] <8>
  4. Clark, Shavar D. as [Vince Tambor] <13>
  5. Clayborne, Sheridan as [Wedding Guest]
  6. Clifton, Andy as [Reverend Santori] <20>
  7. Frankel, Rob (IV) as [David Stutter] <3>
  8. Galatz, Brandon as [Martin Stokes] <6>
  9. Gow, Gary as [Jerry Brownwell] <2>
  10. Hoolahan, Brian as [Bruce Crocker] <11>
  11. Kosik, Thomas as [Church Parishioner]
  12. Montalvo, Mathew as [Jonathan Valdez] <12>
  13. O Donnell, Corey as [Coffee Cafe Patron]
  14. Pappas, Dean (II) as [Mr. Garza] <30>
  15. Parks, Steve (IV) as [Mr. Adeemus] <16>
  16. Thomas, Larry (I) as [Mr. Melendez] <5>
  17. Alvarez, Tori as [Ms. Chavez] <31>
  18. Barnes, Alison (III) as [Britanny's Mom] <25>
  19. Camire, Hayley as [Denise Evans] <7>
  20. Chereson, Julia as [Bobbi Evans] <1>
  21. Clayborne, Berkeley as [Church Girl]
  22. Costello, Caitlin (II) as [Loud Woman on Cell Phone] <21>
  23. Crowley, Sarajane as [Barista] <28>
  24. Dagis, Kathleen as [Art Gallery Customer]
  25. DeCeault, Isabella as [Britanny] <24>
  26. DiGiovine, Jeannette as [Susan] <14>
  27. Hood, Catherine J. as [Donna] <18>
  28. Hufnagel, Susanne as [Mr. Stutter's Secretary]
  29. Johnson, Jonna as [Lynette Hartley] <15>
  30. Lorrayne, Melodye as [Darla] <17>
  31. O Connell, Rebecca as [Nancy - The Waitress] <22>
  32. Omanya, Ruth as [Coffee Cafe Patron]
  33. Parry, Laura Ann as [Madelyne Evans] <9>
  34. Pieper, Toni as [Betty] <19>
  35. Savino, Chala (II) as [Rosa] <31>
  36. Scoville, Mikhalia as [Mrs. Kaputnic] <15>
  37. Valdez, Joy as [Lupe Hernandez] <10>
  38. Wilkin, Dani as [Teresa Temptin] <4>


  1. Comedy

Full Plot

A successful career woman gets caught up in a comedic whirlwind of events, when a mystical necklace given to her as a gift from her boyfriend may be causing her to uncontrollably speak her mind in the politically-correct world of corporate business. Robert Alaniz Plot not found

Total Business

SD: June 2012 - October 2012

Music Composers

  1. Lancaster, Tyrone


  1. Reising, Brad

Film Editors

  1. Alaniz, Robert (I)


  1. Hood, Catherine J. (media publicist)
  2. Hood, Catherine J. (press publicist)
  3. Hufnagel, Susanne (script supervisor)
  4. Osborne, Jerry (publicist)
  5. Veglio, Christina (assistant script supervisor)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Frankfort, Illinois, USA
  2. Orland Park, Illinois, USA
  3. Chicago, Illinois, USA
  4. Crown Point, Indiana, USA
  5. Hobart, Indiana, USA