You Got This! (2012) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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2.0/ 10 (11 Votes)

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American Film Institute (AFI) [us]
Running Hills Production [us]

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Full Cast

  1. Botkin, Steven as [Background Performer]
  2. Byrd, Gary as [Background Performer]
  3. Garrett, Darrius as [Background Performer]
  4. Grube Jr., Dennis as [Background Performer]
  5. Henry, Xango as [Coach Fitz]
  6. Kelsheimer, Jeff as [Background Performer]
  7. Olsen, Dan (IV) as [Runner]
  8. Savko, John as [Background Performer]
  9. Silva, Moy as [Background Performer]
  10. Steinman, Alex as [Background Performer]
  11. Wells, Mark (XVII) as [Background Performer]
  12. Wright, Todd (II) as [Background Performer]
  13. Agor, Sarah as [Lauren]
  14. Alvarez, Betsy as [Background Performer]
  15. Arenas, Loretta as [Background Performer]
  16. Berg, Lynda as (as Lynda M. Berg) [Sandy]
  17. Davis, LuAnn as [Background Performer]
  18. Gleason, Sandi as [Background Performer]
  19. Hansen, Barbara (III) as [Background Performer]
  20. Hansen, Joanna as [Background Performer]
  21. Hein, Patrice as [Background Performer]
  22. Hills, Holly as [Background Performer]
  23. Jeffrey, Christine (II) as [Background Performer]
  24. Minor, Claire as [Background Performer]
  25. Mizuno, Rina as [Susie's Mom]
  26. Montserrat, Rita as [Background Performer]
  27. Nazemetz, Judy as [Muriel]
  28. Sanchez, Isla as [Background Performer]
  29. Savko, Valerie as [Background Performer]
  30. Sheridan, Kerry as [Background Performer]
  31. Tinkham, Michelle as [Background Performer]
  32. Tolentino, Jessica as [Background Performer]
  33. Vargas, Christina as [Background Performer]
  34. Wang, Jani as [Susie]
  35. Weyart, Cindy as [Background Performer]
  36. Wilhelm, Sabrina as [Background Performer]
  37. Young, Rebecca (XVII) as [Background Performer]


  1. Drama
  2. Family
  3. Short
  4. Sport

Full Plot

LAUREN (Sarah Agor), a troubled teenage musician is caught stealing money by a high school security guard, FITZ (Xango Henry). Knowing that the usual discipline methods will not work on Lauren, Fitz takes her beloved guitar hostage; the ransom is that Lauren must train with his charity marathon team. Through this forced interaction with running - and a little Miss goody two shoes, Susie (Jani Wang) - Lauren discovers the power of friendship and achieves what she once thought impossible. Anonymous Plot not found


  1. Billings, Jeff

Dress Designers

  1. Lavalla, Angela

Film Editors

  1. Alimi, Ali


  1. Anise, Jennifer (key set production assistant)
  2. Cluff, Stephanie (II) (key set production assistant)
  3. Crews, Gavin (production assistant)
  4. Davis, Brent (VI) (production assistant)
  5. Davis, Samantha (V) (script supervisor)
  6. Jessen, Lauren (production assistant)
  7. Johnson, Tosha (craft service)
  8. Nowlin, Livia (production assistant)
  9. Pease, Eric (production assistant)
  10. Thangaraj, Tiana (production assistant)
  11. Tuvia, Oren (production assistant)
  12. Volkenant, Shannon (script supervisor)