Zombie Ed (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

Ratings / Votes
1.2/ 10 (91 Votes)

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Production Company
All Mine Productions [us]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(USA) - 22 January 2013

Running Time

Once you go zombie you'll never go back.

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Full Cast

  1. Astone, David as [Buffy - Team ZUSA]
  2. Blood, Ethan Richard as [E. Scabbs]
  3. Cutting, William (III) as (as William C. Cutting) [Ed] <1>
  4. Enriquez, Gabriel as [Zombie Italy Runner]
  5. Gosai, Amresh as [Aladdin]
  6. Guy, Mitch L. as [Flaming Freddy]
  7. Halcomb, Eric as [Hair Salon]
  8. Harrell, Paul Louis as [Pinky - Team ZUSA]
  9. Hoelzeman, Cale as [Pesto]
  10. Johnson, Matthew (XVIII) as [Pizza party guest]
  11. Mahoney, Les as [Stylish Zombie]
  12. McLane, Myles as [Tommy Bone] <3>
  13. McQueen, Joe as (as Joseph McQueen) [Greenie]
  14. Mendoza, Pedro (I) as [Pedro] <7>
  15. Merkle, Chris as [Nightclub zombie]
  16. Miller, Jonus as [Coach]
  17. Nyman, Tom (II) as [Harry] <8>
  18. Proctor, Marcus as [Zombie Track Agent]
  19. Purtell, Larry as [News Anchor]
  20. Rivers, Johnny Cley as [Breck Dickenson] <20>
  21. Rubio, Frank as [Von Franz, Zombie Photographer]
  22. Stork, Casey as [Douche]
  23. Sønderholm, Kim as [News Anchor] <6>
  24. Walker, Constant (I) as [Coach Shakleford]
  25. Bacelar, Melissa R. as (as Melissa Bacelar) [Glamorilla] <5>
  26. Benvenuto, Stephanie (II) as [Hair Salon]
  27. Carter, Yancie as [Hair Salon]
  28. Dishington, Devorah Lynne as [Tammy Terror - ZNN Reporter]
  29. Laigo, Danica Lian as [Hair Salon]
  30. Lupin, Ashley (II) as [Hair Salon]
  31. Markanson, Ashley as [Hair Salon]
  32. Moya, Kimberly Ann as [Hair Salon]
  33. Nol, Liz as [Hair Salon]
  34. Petering, Kelly as [Teddy Bare] <2>
  35. Robinson, Trista as [Barbie] <4>
  36. Salway, Heather as [Cute Zombie]
  37. Van Winkle, Marissa as [Hair Salon]
  38. Villa, Joy as [Angela - Zombie Activist]


  1. Comedy
  2. Horror

Full Plot

Loser Ed has a lame job, a crappy apartment and no hope of a girlfriend. None of this mattered to Ed until he woke up one morning to find he had "gone zombie". Being a human loser is bad, but is being a Zombie worse? How does Ed become the Zombie he was always meant to be? Ren Blood Plot not found


  1. Dallas, Shaun


Brain Damage Films [us] - (2013) (USA) (DVD)
Maxim Media International [us] - (2012) (worldwide) (all media)

Film Editors

  1. Baldwin, Scotty (film editor)
  2. Parks, Russell (III)


  1. Griffin, Angie (IV) (publicist)
  2. Lee, Dominie (script supervisor)