Zombie Resurrection (2012) Movie

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Production Company
Charmed Apocalypse Pictures [gb]

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Release Date

Running Time

Prey for salvation


Technical Support
RAT:1.78 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Alexandria, Alex as [Zombie]
  2. Aves, Nik as [Zombie]
  3. Bazire, Andy as [Jeep Driver] <13>
  4. Beadle, Stuart as [Zombie]
  5. Brown, Danny (I) as [Beaumont] <3>
  6. Burbage, Simon as [Gandhi] <4>
  7. Burton, James (XIX) as [Zombie]
  8. Clarke, Jarrad as [Zombie]
  9. Clarke, Rob (II) as [Zombie]
  10. Clarke, Sam (IX) as [Zombie]
  11. Clarke, Thomas (IX) as [Zombie]
  12. Colvin, Eric (II) as [Sykes] <1>
  13. Dhesi, Randip as [Zombie]
  14. Duran, Mike (IV) as [Zombie]
  15. Emeny, Matt as [Zombie]
  16. English, Callum as [Zombie]
  17. Ferrol, Fin as [Zombie]
  18. Fleming, Ryan (IV) as [Zombie]
  19. Fogg, Eddie as [Zombie]
  20. Frampton, Jamie as [Soldier] <11>
  21. Gatland, Chris as [Zombie]
  22. Gatland, Tim as [Zombie]
  23. Gorman, Daryl as [Zombie]
  24. Hawkins, Alex (II) as [Zombie]
  25. Hawkins, Jake as [Terrorist] <15>
  26. King, Leon (III) as [Zombie]
  27. Kirkland, Wayne as [Zombie]
  28. Lavender, Martin as [Zombie]
  29. Lawrence, Mark (XXII) as [Zombie]
  30. Livermore, James as [Zombie]
  31. Luckins, Chris as [Zombie]
  32. McIntyre, Charlie (III) as [Zombie]
  33. McIntyre, Ian (VI) as [Terrorist] <14>
  34. McNeil, Ross (III) as [Zombie]
  35. Oz, Paul as [Zombie]
  36. Patterson, Joseph (III) as [Zombie]
  37. Perry, Ben (VII) as [Zombie]
  38. Phelps, Andy (III) as [Terrorist] <16>
  39. Phelps, Leif as [Zombie]
  40. Phelps, Rupert (II) as [Messiah] <10>
  41. Porter, Jason (V) as [Zombie]
  42. Purnell, Sam as [Zombie]
  43. Rainbow, Joe as [Gibson] <6>
  44. Rochoux, Nicolas as [Zombie]
  45. Rummey, Ian as [Zombie]
  46. Shepperd, Alexis as [Zombie]
  47. Smith, Sam (XL) as [Zombie]
  48. Smith, Tom (LVI) as [Zombie]
  49. Sparks, Sam (IV) as [Zombie]
  50. Sweeney, Jim (II) as [Mac] <2>
  51. Thorburn, Peter as [Zombie]
  52. Tinker, John (II) as [Zombie]
  53. Turner, Lee (VI) as [Zombie]
  54. Turnham, Mike as [Zombie]
  55. Tydeman, Jon as [Zombie]
  56. Uphill, Richard as [Zombie]
  57. Wheeler, Ross as [Zombie]
  58. Austin, Hetty as [Zombie]
  59. Beech, Laura as [Zombie]
  60. Edge, Louise as [Zombie]
  61. Foley, Elizabeth (VI) as [Zombie]
  62. Fraser, Linda (IV) as [Zombie]
  63. Gatrell, Jade as [Harden] <5>
  64. Halley, Susi as [Zombie]
  65. Hawkins, Rosanna as [Zombie]
  66. Korbel, Kate as [Hostage] <12>
  67. Lincoln, Claire (II) as [Zombie]
  68. Luckins, Emma as [Zombie]
  69. Luckins, Karen as [Zombie]
  70. Matheson, Hannah as [Zombie]
  71. Melia, Caroline as [Zombie]
  72. Mushambi, Shamiso as [Esther] <8>
  73. Nottingham, Rachel as [Becca] <7>
  74. Phelps, Lucilla as [Zombie]
  75. Rochoux, Melissa as [Zombie]
  76. Sharp, Chloe as [Zombie]
  77. Smith, Emily (XLV) as [Zombie]
  78. Smith, Hetty as [Zombie]
  79. Smith, Natalie (XIX) as [Zombie]
  80. Stone, Mary (IX) as [Zombie]
  81. Thompson, Lauren (XVIII) as [Zombie]
  82. Vine, Lesedi as [Zombie]
  83. Williams, Gemma (III) as [Zombie]
  84. Winters, Georgia as [Asher] <9>


  1. Action
  2. Drama
  3. Horror

Full Plot

Fifteen months after the zombie apocalypse, and a group of survivors are forced to take refuge in an abandoned school, where they discover a mysterious zombie with the power to bring the undead back to life. Anonymous Plot not found

Total Business

BT: GBP 100,000

Music Composers

  1. Sumner, Dale


  1. Hawkins, Jake

Dress Designers

  1. Dal Cero, Arianna

Film Editors

  1. Vianna, Marcelo (I)


  1. Blott, Alex (digital imaging technician)
  2. Humphreys, David (VI) (production assistant)
  3. Leyshon, Amy (script supervisor)
  4. Marley, Chris (II) (epk director)
  5. Phelps, Leif (production assistant)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Hampshire, England, UK