Zombiefied (2012) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

Ratings / Votes
3.3/ 10 (29 Votes)

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Production Company
Screamtime Films [us]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(USA) - 2012

Running Time

Dying is the easy part. The Infection Begins...


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Full Cast

  1. Alchamaa, Bryan as [Skateboarder 1] <25>
  2. Alfred, Rick as [Zombie]
  3. Baldwin, Tristan as [Zombie Victim]
  4. Bello, Diego as [Zombie]
  5. Bertot, Raul as [Morgue City - Guitar/Vocals]
  6. Blumenthal, Rob as [Trae] <20>
  7. Brown, Chris (LXXIX) as [Zombie]
  8. Brown, Lewis (V) as [Zombie]
  9. Cole, Sam (V) as [Zombie]
  10. Condoleo, Joe as [Vinny] <9>
  11. Conner, Craig Scott as [Victim]
  12. Cook, Todd Jason as [Tony] <5>
  13. Cortez, Ruben (II) as [Zombie]
  14. De Jesus, John (I) as [Morgue City Camera Guy]
  15. Dearing, Travis as [Zombie]
  16. DeWild, Bill as [Brad] <8>
  17. Dunnahoe, Tayvis as [Serial Killer/Cop] <3>
  18. Eggenschwiler, Maurice as [Drunk] <27>
  19. Farris, Tyler (II) as [Zombie]
  20. Frank, Scott (VI) as [Security Guard] <22>
  21. Frankowski, Jim as [Zombie]
  22. Gauthier, Chris (II) as [Zombie]
  23. Gebbie, Mike as [Tommy] <2>
  24. Gill, James (IV) as [Zombie]
  25. Glynn, Randy as [Zombie]
  26. Gonzalez, Oscar (X) as [Kill Order Fan]
  27. Graham, Neil (V) as [Zombie]
  28. Grisaffi, Joe (I) as [Josh] <10>
  29. Hearnsberger, Brandon as [Mark] <17>
  30. James, Kasey as [Concert Hallway Victim]
  31. Janek, Russell as [Zombie]
  32. Jones, Eric (XXVI) as [Party Victim]
  33. Kouzas, Dimitri as [Rick] <18>
  34. Lavigne III, Trey as [Morgue City - Bass]
  35. MacFarlane, Dan as [Skateboarder 2] <26>
  36. Martinez, Isaac (IV) as [Zombie]
  37. McClung, Michael as [Zombie]
  38. Payne, Stephen (IX) as [Magazine Reader] <23>
  39. Peck, Alex (II) as [Zombie]
  40. Penalber, Sean as [Zombie]
  41. Percussionist, Spike the as [Morgue City - Drums & Noiz]
  42. Powell, Jason (XIV) as [Kill Order Fan]
  43. Reese, LeRoy as [Zombie]
  44. Rivas, Elkin as [Zombie]
  45. Roberson, Brad as [Mike] <12>
  46. Sabom, Marcus as [Zombie]
  47. Schwartz, Mike (V) as [Party Victim]
  48. Schwarzt, Beny as [Party Bartender] <21>
  49. Sharma, Shaun as [Zombie]
  50. Sharp, David (X) as [Eric] <19>
  51. Stevens, Wayne (III) as [Club Sound Man]
  52. Stilley, Mike as [Zombie]
  53. Summer, Jeffry as [Kill Order Fan]
  54. Syms, Robert as [Priest]
  55. Thomas, Curtis (I) as [Party Victim]
  56. Wallace, Andrew (IX) as [Zombie]
  57. Weatherford, Stephen as [Cell Phone Victim] <28>
  58. Brown, Jessica (XIX) as [Victim]
  59. Burge, Susan as [Zombie]
  60. Cook, Sabrina as [Raven] <7>
  61. Dawn, Merry as [Party Victim]
  62. Frankowski, Samantha as [Zombie]
  63. Garcia, Jenna (III) as [Zombie]
  64. Gaston, Sara as [Concerned Woman in Montana] <29>
  65. Gilcrease, Katt as [Zombie]
  66. Ginzel, Kathryn Rene as [Angel] <4>
  67. Gonzalez, Christina (II) as [Zombie]
  68. Gonzalez, Rosa (II) as [After Work Victim]
  69. Hall, Juliana as [Kara] <15>
  70. Herrington, Megan as [Keri] <24>
  71. Hesketh, Kristy as [Kill order fan]
  72. Hodge, Catrena as [Zombie]
  73. Howard, Yardena as [Victim]
  74. Janecka, Mary Ann as [Zombie]
  75. Jones, Rindy as [Zombie]
  76. Keenan, Teri as [Nurse zombie]
  77. Kuciemba, Brenda as [Concert Hallway Victim]
  78. Kutra, Courtney as [Zombie]
  79. Li, Michelle (II) as [Party Victim]
  80. Lipert, Norma Jean as [Featured Victim]
  81. Marquez, Elsa as [Carla] <16>
  82. Martinez, April as [Zombie]
  83. McGuire, Kymberlie R. as [Kill Order Fan]
  84. McKinney, Desiree as [Victim]
  85. Medlenka, Rissa as [Child Zombie]
  86. Mejia, Sarai as [Zombie in Dream Sequences]
  87. Miller, Tiffany (II) as [Zombie]
  88. Mitchem, Alanna as [Victim]
  89. Mosier, Carli as [Heather] <13>
  90. Nellis, Anna as [Zombie]
  91. Peck, Brandi as [Victim]
  92. Roberts, Shella as [Amy] <14>
  93. Roy, Alexia as [Jill] <11>
  94. Sanchez, Patricia (III) as [Zombie]
  95. Strait, Kelly as [Zombie]
  96. Torrellas, Rebecca as [Alana] <1>
  97. Trevino, Georgette as [Kill Order Fan]
  98. Turner, Sarah (XII) as [Party Victim]
  99. Tussing, Kira as [Zombie]
  100. Ullrich, Grethe as [Kill Order Fan]
  101. Varela, Diana as [Zombie]
  102. Waldorf, Erika as [Kill Order Fan]
  103. Whiteman, Lisa (I) as [Tina] <6>
  104. Woodley, Hanna as [Kill Order Fan]


  1. Horror

Full Plot

Friends Tommy and Angel have kept a deadly secret that has tormented them for 13 years. At a major concert for two popular bands, the fans inside the club strangely become rageful, vicious zombies. An outbreak occurs, leaving lead singer Alana running for her life and getting separated from her bandmates. Now Tommy and Angel must re-live their worst fears as their nightmares become reality and the zombie outbreak is spreading. During Alana's escape, she is attacked by a twisted serial killer who knows the secret and the bodies are adding up. Anonymous Plot not found

Total Business

CP: Todd Jason Cook

Movie Certificate

Unrated (USA)

Music Composers

  1. Cook, Todd Jason


Celebrity Home Entertainment [us] - (2012) (worldwide) (DVD)
Screamtime Films [us] - (2009) (USA) (theatrical)

Film Editors

  1. Cook, Todd Jason


  1. Davis, Kathryn Leigh (researcher)
  2. Landa, Brian (legal services)
  3. Sabom, Marcus (assistant writer)
  4. Sabom, Marcus (production assistant)
  5. Schwartz, Mike (V) (script supervisor)
  6. Torrellas, Rebecca (assistant writer)

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Houston, Texas, USA


- Two separate locations had to be used for the final battle in the woods at the end because it was illegal to use fire within Houston City limits.

- The character name Alana is a tribute to 'Alanis Morissette' (qv), who is the favorite singer of the actress 'Rebecca Torrellas' (qv) who plays Alana.

- Some scenes were filmed and then corrective shots were added months (or even a year) later to fix up a scene.

- 'Stephen Payne (IX)' (qv) (who plays the comic book reader), came up with the idea that there are 3 lines that should NEVER be said in a film because they are the most overused lines in film history: "We don't have time for this," "Everything you ever told me was a lie," and "Let's do this!" The director decided there should be a character who says all 3 of those lines, adding "That's what she said" just before being killed by zombies.

- There are 2 other actors who double for the serial killer in small parts of the film.