Zombies of America (2013) Movie

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(Hollywood) USA

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Production Company
Stadtmuller Productions [us]

Production Designer

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Release Date
(USA) - 11 September 2013

Running Time

An engineered virus was created to wipe out America. The Illuminati created a biological virus to wipe out 90% of the human race & create a Utopia.

action-hero, cult-film, illuminati, los-angeles-california, middle-east, new-world-order, shadow-government, terrorism, zombie-survival,

Technical Support
CAM:Canon XL-2

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Full Cast

  1. Edwards, Terrence as [Victor Cooper]
  2. Stadtmuller, Tristan as [Kyle Mangum] <3>
  3. Courtney, Rachel Ann as [Neda Kendahar]
  4. Villalobos, Ana Lucia as [Martha Charles]


  1. Adventure
  2. Drama
  3. Horror
  4. War

Total Business

BT: USD 100,000

Film Editors

  1. Melendez, Alejandro (as Alex Melendez)
  2. Stadtmuller, Tristan

Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA


- 'Tristan Stadtmuller' developed the idea because he wanted to tell a story of how far people will go to destroy each other over hatred.

- A short was filmed to work as a pitch. While filming it, all of the props including the slate had broke.

- While filming the short, there was another scene that had introduced two other characters; however, at the last minute some of the crew couldn't commit to film it. The scene was dropped.

- Originally intended as a horror/comedy that paid homage to cheesy horror movies of the 80's.

- Originally written and filmed as a pitch for a TV pilot.

- The management team for Elvira did consider airing the short; however, they said that it was too short.

- The short was Filmed in one day.

- 'Tristan Stadtmuller' doesn't care too much for zombie movies, but he wanted to invest into the genre because of the huge fan base and used his training in security and terrorism and combined the two.