Zui hung (2012) Movie

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Hong Kong

Ratings / Votes
4.7/ 10 (111 Votes)

MPAA Ratings

Production Company
Le Vision Pictures [cn]
Sil-Metropole Organisation [hk]
Universe Entertainment [hk]

Production Designer

All Producers

All Directors


Release Date
(China) - 10 May 2012
(Hong Kong) - 10 May 2012
(Singapore) - 10 May 2012
(Taiwan) - 28 November 2012

Running Time

Fairy Tales turn ugly, twisted and bloody.


Technical Support
CAM:Red One MX, Zeiss and Angenieux Lenses
LAB:Mandarin Laboratory (International) Ltd., Hong Kong - (prints)
OFM:Redcode RAW
PCS:Digital Intermediate - (2K) (master format)
PCS:Redcode RAW - (4.5K) (source format)
PFM:35 mm - (anamorphic)
RAT:2.35 : 1

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Full Cast

  1. Lam, Suet (I) as [Cheng Fai] <6>
  2. Lau, Ching Wan as [Han] <1>
  3. Leung, Anson as
  4. Lo, Ken as <5>
  5. Lok, Ying Kwan as
  6. Wang, Baoqiang as [Wu Zai-Jan] <2>
  7. Chan, Carolyn as
  8. Fu, Kelly as
  9. Kwong, Elanne as [Wong Yue-Yee] <3>
  10. Lam, Ciwi as
  11. Man, Yee-Man as <4>


  1. Thriller

Full Plot

In Hong Kong, Wu Zai-Jan is arrested for lingering in the hall of the Police Department with a weird white make-up on his face and brought for interrogation with Inspector Han and his team. The suspect is mentally retarded and tells that he has murdered a man named Cheng Fai. He also calls the detectives "wolves". The detectives go to Cheng Fai's apartment to investigate and they find that the supposed victim is alive. They return to the precinct and discharge Wu Zai-Jan since he is a retarded making them waste their time. Inspector Han is expecting to be promoted and has a troubled marriage, with his autistic son that he does not love and his estranged wife that does not accept his attitude towards their son. On the next morning, Inspector Han and his team have to investigate a murder case and they find that the victim is Cheng Fai, who was found dead in a park with seven stones in his stomach. Han and his team realize that they made a mistake releasing Wu Zai-Jan and they decide to cover their steps in the previous day solving the case. They discover that Wu Zai-Jan is a psychotic intern of a mental hospital that has just escaped from the facility and is also very connected to an intern that draws in her cell. When other victims are found dead in murders that recall fairy tales, Han and his team fight against time to avoid the fairy tale serial-killer from committing other murders. Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Plot not found

Total Business

BT: USD 5,000,000

Movie Certificate

PG13 (Singapore)
IIB (Hong Kong)


Encore Films [sg] - (2012) (Singapore) (theatrical)
Golden Village Pictures [sg] - (2012) (Singapore) (theatrical)
Universe Films Distribution Company [hk] - (2011) (Hong Kong) (all media)

Film Editors

  1. Pang, Curran

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Shooting/Filming Locations

  1. Hong Kong, China